Limited Series

Special edition in collaboration with the artist Tanya Aubut. 5 artworks in limited editions.

Edition spéciale, collaboration avec l'artiste Tanya Aubut.
5 Oeuvres originales en éditions limitées


Tanya Aubut X Nabz

Tanya's creative process is mainly focus on mixed media techniques. With her work, she wants to make you feel powerful and limitless when it comes to being your true self. Its main subject is the female portrait. 

Nabz uses her old paint palettes and integrates them as a texture in the following ones in order to give them a soul and a continuity to her artistic approach.

Colors and textures are her allies. She aims to transform memories of meaningful places she has visited so that they become tangible.

Combining their forces, these two painters offer you a special collection full of emotions.

ArtWorks From The Collection

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