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About My Collection

A little more about the history of the different collections to guide you.

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Old Paint Palettes Landscapes

''Old Paint Palettes collection'' defined my vision of landscapes through the importance of their colors and textures.

Some landscapes are fictitious, others are born from memories of one of my many trips around the world.

Each painting contains elements of the previous ones due to the presence of pieces of dried paint from my own palettes.


I have always been fascinated by the beauty of a used paint palette. It's full of stories and energy. It made sense to me to include these pieces directly in my works in order to give them a soul. 

Flowers Will Never Fade

''Flowers Will Never Fade'' collection was born from the idea of ​​preserving a spirit of nature for as long as possible. Having worked on landscapes for many years, observing their colors and textures, I thought it would be wonderful to find a way to preserve them .

Suddenly the floral collection came to life. Nature is beautiful, Nature is BOLD .

Collect your flower, the one that is unique and will never fade.

One True Love

This new collection of paintings on canvas paper, entitled "One True Love", offers 9x12 inch formats, with a satin varnish and ready to be framed. Each piece is available for $165, free shipping Canada and the United States.


Whether to celebrate love, enrich your art collection at an affordable price, or highlight a beautiful friendship or romantic relationship, the "One True Love" collection is designed to meet these needs.

Each piece of the “One True Love” collection is therefore a unique creation, made with love. This personal touch and special attention gives each work even deeper value and meaning. Collectors will have the opportunity to acquire an authentic and special piece, imbued with the emotion and passion of the artist.

About Me

As an abstract artist, I find my muse in the captivating textures and hues of nature, channeling its essence into my creations with the bold strokes of a spatula. Each piece is a vibrant reflection of the energy and vitality of the world around us. By repurposing recycled paintings from my palettes and older works, I infuse every layer with a sense of history and depth, giving each artwork its own unique soul.

Nestled amidst the tranquil landscapes of the Laurentides in Quebec, I draw constant inspiration from the ever-changing beauty of my surroundings. Nature's rhythms guide my creative process, allowing me to craft pieces that resonate with a sense of organic harmony.

Balancing the demands of motherhood with my artistic pursuits, I strive to remain present in each moment, allowing my passion for creation to flow freely. Whether depicting flowers, landscapes, or abstract forms, each composition is imbued with the same technique and intensity of feeling.

My artistic journey is further elevated by representation at renowned galleries such as Galerie Bloom in Old Montreal and Ryan Fine Art in Ontario. Through these esteemed platforms, my work finds its place among discerning collectors and art enthusiasts, fostering a deep and meaningful connection between my creations and those who appreciate them.


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