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Bachelor in visual and media arts education at the University of Quebec in Montreal, it is during this period of artistic immersion, bathed in a landscape of creative minds, that ambitions and vocation crystallize for the artist to become. The path to embrace is clear, to gain confidence and perfect your style in order to possibly attempt a foray into the heart of the 3rd art. 

His artistic journey takes shape from medium to medium, which in turn will forge his creative identity. Exploring and taming successively drawing, tattooing, watercolor and silkscreen printing, which she particularly likes, Nabz fell in love with aerosol painting on wood, a technique in which she recognized herself and which she would work on for nearly a decade. 

It was during the birth of her little boy, in a time of pandemic, that her artistic structure took a radical turn.
His daily life as well as the vision of his environment having changed, it went without saying that his art would evolve too. She therefore has within her a strong urge to stop trying to control the uncontrollable and to let the emotion go. She then begins to observe, to take a step back and study her path, to select essential elements for her, then she realizes that color is her engine, that she must now offer it all the space.


Nabz uses her old paint palettes and integrates them as a texture in the following ones in order to give them a soul and a continuity to her artistic approach.

Colors and textures are her allies. She aims to transform memories of meaningful places she has visited so that they become tangible.